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Application Development

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Application Development

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Application Development

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About the Department

The demand for iphone app developers is on the rise due to the rapid surge in iphone users in Pakistan. Axact's Application Development Department is the hub of innovation, creation and passion for coding and programming. Axactians in this department approach their craft with a sense of inquisitiveness for android development and mobile application development. The best iphone app developers, mobile application developers, android app developers, facebook app developers have worked together to create the biggest app library in the world. Overarching functions of the department includes the design and management of Mobile Application products and services catering to varying platforms, including iPhone, Android and Facebook.

The following positions are available for you to apply now

  • Application Development

  • QA Engineer

  • Application Developer

  • Php Developer

What Will I Do?

You will have the responsibility for designing and managing Mobile Application products
and services for platforms including (iPhone, Android and facebook).

  • Preferred Skill Set

    For IOS/Andriod

    • iPhone SDK (XCode/Cocoa) / Android SDK
    • Strong object oriented design and programming skills in Objective-C and Java (J2EE/ J2ME)
    • Database knowledge of SQL PLUS and SQLite
    • Using Web Services (SOAP, REST, XML-RPC, XML/JSON Parsing)
    • Knowledge of multi threading on mobile devices

    For Facebook

    • Development of Facebook utilities and games
    • Understanding of markup category and markup languages i.e. FQL, FBML, Open Graph and Action Script
  • Suitable Profile

    • Computer science graduate from a highly reputable institute
    • Outstanding academic background
    • Minimum 1 or more years of work experience in Application Development and Facebook Development

You will be responsible for identification, reproduction and tracking of software defects, converting business requirements into test plans and test cases, and execute manual testing as well as automated testing according to generated plans. You will also maintain a database of defects using bug tracking system, reporting them to development teams and monitoring bug resolution efforts and tracking successes. You will monitor program performance to ensure efficient and problem-free operations, and participate in product design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, product designs, schedules or potential problems.

  • Preferred Skill Set

    • Automated tools of Apps QA such as Selenium 2, Instruments, Sikuli, MonkeyTalk (FoneMonkey)
    • Manual testing of Mobile Application
  • Suitable Profile

    • Computer Science graduate from a highly reputable institute
    • Outstanding academic background and work experience of 2+ years' in Mobile Application QA
    • Minimum 2+ years' in Mobile Application QA

Your job will be to develop assigned projects/modules in the respective technology, ensuring timely and quality delivery. You will also be required to resolve QA reported bugs/issues, participate in System Design creation of the assigned project, participate in Execution Planning Meeting of the assigned project, and participate in Departmental Process Improvement & Standards Upbringing Activities.

  • Preferred Skill Set

    • IOS utility apps development through Objective C and Xcode, Cocos2D – Mandatory
    • IOS game apps development through Objective C, Xcode and Cocos2D – Mandatory
    • Android utility apps development through Java and Eclipse – Mandatory
    • Android game apps development through Java, eclipse and Cocos2D – Mandatory
    • Facebook utility apps development through its markup languages i.e. FQL,FBML, Open graph and Action Script – Mandatory
    • Facebook games apps development through its markup languages i.e. FQL,FBML, Open graph and Action Script – Mandatory
  • Suitable Profile

    • BCS/BCIT/BS/BCSE Preferred
    • 1 to 2 years of IOS Utility,Game Apps Development Experience – Mandatory
    • 1 to 2 years of Android Game Apps Development Experience – Mandatory
    • 1 to 2 years of Facebook Utility, Games Apps, Application Development Experience – Mandatory

You should know XHTML, CSS, Static Optimized HTML/CSS development on web standards using DIV based structure along with Javascript/Jquery, Implementation of Jquery code and plugins In development and client requirement. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Proficiency in Joomla, Magento and Creation of custom post types, Theme/Template integration will be an added advantage. knowledge of web-based mobile application development, e-commerce websites development and their flow, development, customization and deployment on online domains. You should know development of responsive web for the all web media like mobile and tabs, along with mobile site development using both custom and 3rd party frameworks, Server Side Scripting (PHP), and Database (MYSQL).

  • Preferred Skill Set

    • Expertise in WordPress, Joomla, Magento and other PHP Frameworks, Creation of custom post types, Theme/Template integration
    • Basic Designing skills
    • Knowledge of web-based mobile application development – Mandatory
  • Suitable Profile

    • Degree / Diploma Holder in Web Development OR BS/BCS Mandatory OR Exp > 2 yrs, education preferred but has to be a graduate
    • Note: Education in progress can be considered but should have good experience.
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Remuneration Package

Axactians are offered more than just
monetary benefits. They are provided with
financial security , health-care coverage as
well as ultra- modern facilities and opportunities for rapid growth.

  • High salary at twice Above the market Average
  • Bonuses of up to 4 gross salaries
  • Handsome accumulation of Provident Fund and EOBI
  • Timely and exceedingly high remuneration packages

    Enjoy Extravagant Benefits

    * Benefits may vary depending on your package.

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    Career Training & Growth Program

    Axact provides amazing career in mobile application development. Unleash the Programming genius within you, at the Application Development Department which invests its resources in development and training of iphone app developer, engineers in Mobile Applications, iPhone Applications and Android Applications, amongst others. Jumpstart your career in mobile application development and grab the best Application Development Jobs in Pakistan at Axact!

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    Application Development Department
    Career Path Application Development Department

    Title at Joining: Executive
    Current Title:   Assistant Vice President

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