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Business Unit

We value quality IT business leadership


Business Unit

10 diverse Business Units offering more than 23 world class products


Business Unit

Augment your experience and reach global markets in no time


Why is Axact the Best Place for IT Business Leaders?

We greatly value your IT business experience, and provide you a life changing opportunity to employ your knowledge
and experience at Axact. Axact will empower you as an IT leader by utilizing your business experience,
so you can apply that knowledge and successfully execute your initiative at Axact.

Remuneration Package

Axactians are offered more than just
monetary benefits. They are provided with
financial security , health-care coverage as
well as ultra- modern facilities and opportunities for rapid growth.

  • High salary at twice Above the market Average
  • Bonuses of up to 4 gross salaries
  • Handsome accumulation of Provident Fund and EOBI
  • Timely and exceedingly high remuneration packages

    Enjoy Extravagant Benefits

    * Benefits may vary depending on your package.

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    Life at Axact

    Career Training & Growth Program

    At Axact employees are given many chances to develop and grow. The corporate learning environment
    is supported by outstanding training, coaching and mentoring opportunities that
    serve to further enhance the skills and knowledge of the Axactians.

    Harris SiddiquiExecutive Vice President
    Business Unit Department
    Career Path Business Unit Department

    Title at Joining: Executive
    Current Title:   Executive Vice President