Axact Offers Amazing Architect Jobs

We invite you to be part of the best Architectural team in the world! Axact offers amazing and most lucrative architect jobs to those who want to excel. Our talented architects have made a career in architect by making state-of-the-art infrastructures like Axact’s building, BOL, Galaxact and so many more to come.
Grab the most satisfying architect jobs by earning from Rs. 57,460 to Rs. 125,000, along with several benefits, bonuses and continuous growth.
Axact has following architect jobs. So go ahead and apply now!

  • User Interface
    User Interface
    The User Interface Department at Axact formulates interfaces which organizes information for users. The department also creates and maintains complex user interfaces for a variety of application, including websites, computer programs and databases. The personnel in our User Interface Department possess advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, AJAX, Flash, and other electronic publishing environments. Apply for a job
  • Application
    The Application Development Department is a hub of innovation, creation and passion about coding and programming. Axactians in this department approach their craft with a sense of inquisitiveness for all programming languages. Their shared traits are perhaps what binds these individuals into an effective department here at Axact. Overarching functions of the department includes the design and management of Mobile Application products and services, catering to varying platforms, including iPhone, Android and Facebook. Apply for a job
  • Software
    Being world’s leading IT company, Axact’s Software Department is of significant importance. The Software Department functions as a provider of software product/services to customers from around the world. Our personnel at the Department are a key to our enduring competitive advantage, are among the most competent developers on the planet! Apply for a job
  • Graphics &
    Graphics &
    Our global outreach and extensive operations place a considerable burden on us for graphical and multimedia services. To meet this demand, our Graphics and Multimedia Department provides essential services. Professionals working within this department not only possess outstanding technical skills to use different multimedia development software, but they also possess a sophisticated sense of aesthetics and business acumen. Apply for a job