Grab the Most Rewarding Chartered Accountant Jobs in the world!

Being a Chartered Accountant can lead you to a lucrative and rewarding career path at Axact. You can apply at Axact anytime and start the career journey of your life. Axact provides unmatched career opportunities to Chartered Accountant and have very high induction package ranging from Rs. 80,000 along with several benefits, bonuses and continuous growth.

Axact has excellent Chartered Accountant jobs in the following departments. So go ahead and apply now!

  • Finance
    Axactians enjoy facilities, food, saloon and many other services by making an order through portal. Our Finance department keeps track of all the finances and smoothly manages fiscal matters, this also allows Axactians to receive their salaries on time. Apply for a job
  • Internal
    The Internal Audit Department’s work portfolio includes reviewing internal controls, conducting audit tests, documenting audit issues, writing audit reports and following up on outstanding tasks and audit issues. A group of highly qualified and competent individuals, who lead the audit function for the entire organization work for the department. Apply for a job
  • Procurement
    Due to the vast scale of Axact's operations, a department exclusively committed to procuring assets has been set up. The Procurement Department at Axact manages all of the major purchases, and extends services for sale of Enterprise Assets, Purchase and Inventory Management. Apply for a job