Explore the Best Career Paths for Chefs & Head Cooks

Our chefs and head cooks have an expert understanding of the effect blending various ingredients has on every dish. They create mouth-watering delicacies that make every meal a scrumptious treat for Axactians. Axact's cooks are a group of highly talented individuals who perform brilliantly under pressure and make dishes that make the organization proud. If you feel that you are in your element in the kitchen and love to experiment with ingredients, you have come to the right place. Axact believes in recruiting kitchen maestros and cooking experts are encouraged to apply. Axact offers the best jobs for cooks and has a very high induction package ranging from Rs. 57,460 to Rs. 125,000, along with several benefits, bonuses and continuous growth. We also offer countless opportunities for growth and learning.
Aspiring cooks who understand the high standards expected of you once you put on Axact's apron are encouraged to apply.

  • Food and
    Food and
    To ensure that Axactians can continue to savor the delights of Axact’s in-built 24-hour cafeteria, Axact has a Food and Beverages Management Department. This department is devoted entirely to food and beverage management. It oversees all the operations of the cafeteria, including preparing and serving of meals and beverages to its employees. The department also oversees the inventory, the ordering and serving of food, and the planning and budgeting of menu items. Additionally, it also provides food catering service for various corporate events. Apply for a job