Explore the Best Career Paths for PR officers

Axact's Public Relations Officers execute all their responsibilities with a high level of commitment and professionalism. They oversee all the official communication that occurs between Axact and its vast network. Axact's Public Relations team comprises of a group of very hardworking officers who ensure that Axact is always represented in a professional manner. If you see yourself as a communications expert and want to become a PR officer, you have come to the right place. Axact offers best Public Relations jobs and has a very high induction package ranging from Rs. 57,460 to Rs. 125,000, along with several benefits, bonuses and continuous growth. We are continuously on the lookout for finding and grooming talent and Public Relations officers who fit the criteria are given countless opportunities to grow and succeed at Axact.
Aspiring Public Relations professionals with a good understanding of the world of communication are encouraged to apply.

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    Axact, as a brand, constantly needs to present itself as the company it is. The Public Relations Department, creates and manages a favorable public perception of its Business units and Enterprise. It has primarily two functions; publicity management and an effective public relations management and planning. Axact is known for its hospitality and creates a lasting impression on all. Apply for a job