Explore the Best Career Path for Secretaries

Secretaries at Axact must carry out or oversee a number of crucial tasks, including project management, communication and organizational skills. Our secretaries must be very efficient and have to exhibit a high level of commitment to their work. They are among Axact’s most efficient and committed employees. Our secretaries are multitasking experts who are expected to coordinate with a number of individuals and meet numerous deadlines. They are the incredibly hardworking people behind the scenes who work long hours and are highly committed to getting things done. If you want to become an secretary at Axact, you have come to the right place. Axact offers best secretary jobs and has a very high induction package ranging from Rs. 57,460 to Rs. 125,000, along with several benefits, bonuses and continuous growth.
Individuals who have a good understanding of the tough demands of being a secretary are encouraged to apply

  • Secretariat
    Axact’s Secretariat Department holds a great deal of importance within the organization, as it is responsible for facilitation of functions such as Communication Processes Management, Facilitation Processes Management and General Administrative Processes Management, without which the organization may be unable to run smoothly. Apply for a job