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Legal Affairs

Get rewarded for the passion you have for handling legal affairs


About the Department

Every large scale organization needs a team of highly competent lawyers to support its legal affairs. The Legal Department’s core functions include: Litigation Management, Compliance Management, Advisory Management, Case Status Management, Drafting and Research and Development.

Axact provides an amazing assortment of law and legal jobs in Pakistan. We encourage qualified lawyers to pursue law and legal jobs in Karachi and Lahore and avail job opportunities in law. We welcome you to become part of world's fastest growing IT Company.

The following positions are available for you to apply now

  • Legal Affairs Leadership

  • Solicitor

  • Para Legal Executives

  • Barristers

What Will I Do?

You will be responsible for providing advice on legal matters, appearance in court on behalf of organization, case registration and negotiation of legal matters.

  • Preferred Skill Set

    • Legal Drafting Pleadings Skills
    • Legal Agreements Management Skills
    • Legal Advisory Skills
    • Legal Research Skills - Mandatory
  • Suitable Profile

    • Bar at law - Mandatory

You will be responsible for litigation management, assistance, appearance in court on behalf of organization, conducting legal research, filing of records and drafting legal documents etc.

  • Preferred Skill Set

    • Litigation Skills
    • Legal Research Skills - Mandatory
  • Suitable Profile

    • Bar at law - (Mandatory)
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Remuneration Package

Axactians are offered more than just
monetary benefits. They are provided with
financial security , health-care coverage as
well as ultra- modern facilities and opportunities for rapid growth.

  • High salary at twice Above the market Average
  • Bonuses of up to 4 gross salaries
  • Handsome accumulation of Provident Fund and EOBI
  • Timely and exceedingly high remuneration packages

    Enjoy Extravagant Benefits

    * Benefits may vary depending on your package.

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    Life at Axact

    Career Training & Growth Program

    At Axact employees are given many chances to develop and grow. The corporate learning environment is supported by outstanding training, coaching and mentoring opportunities that serve to further enhance the skills and knowledge of the Axactians. Thousands of individuals have availed legal jobs in Pakistan at Axact and have achieved success leaving their peers behind.

    Imdad AliSenior Manager
    Legal Affairs Department
    Career Path Legal Affairs Department

    Title at Joining: Assistant Executive
    Current Title:   Senior Manager

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