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Live larger than life
with Axact

Axact offers a lifestyle that is at par with the salary and benefits provided to the employees.
Axactians can enjoy the privilege of using a wide range of facilities both in-house
and external that are among the best in the world.

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Live Luxuriously with Axact's
Iconic Yacht

The Axact corporate yacht has been designed to reflect the organizations best qualities -its emphasis on excellence and innovation. The yacht is equipped with a range of facilities that make it the perfect choice for both corporate meetings as well as a day of rest and relaxation
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Relax in style with Axact's
Premium Clubs Facility

The club facility ensures that while taking a break from work, Axactians can have an interactive and entertaining experience with their family. By using the club facility, Axactians are able to spend their vacation time indulging in their choice of recreational activity, whether it is just lounging by the pool in the sun or bumping carts on the race track.
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Enjoy at Axact's
Lavish Beach Hut

Axact’s ultramodern hut by the seaside is the perfect place for departmental as well as personal picnics. It has a spacious kitchen equipped with contemporary appliances. The hut has a TV and a DVD player with surround sound system for entertainment. The powerful generator makes sure that the facilities can be enjoyed without interruption.
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Enjoy your meals at Axact's
World-Class Cafeteria

Like the organization itself, the cafeteria also operates 24/7. Axactians have a wide range of food items to choose from. These tantalizing food items are prepared by our top-notch chefs using top quality ingredients that are healthy and hygienic and our courteous stewards are always there to serve Axactians.
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Exercise at Axact's
One of a Kind Gym

Axact’s gym features the most modern exercise equipment in Pakistan...
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Competitve skills at Axact's
Indoor Gaming Area

Firmly believing in the importance of work life balance. In order to allow Axactians...
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Increase knowledge at Axact's
Up to date Library

Axact’s well-stocked library offers an ideal atmosphere for reading pleasure. The facility is fully...

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Get groomed in style
at Axact's
Modern Salons

At Axact we have two state-of-the-art salons, one each for our male and female Axactians. The snug seating arrangement, accompanied by soothing lighting, sets a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The salon chair is one of a kind; it can twist, turn, recline and rise with the touch of a button. A multitude of services ranging from haircuts to facials and massages may be availed at Axact’s very own salon.
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Watch a thrilling movie at Axact's
Movie Theatre

Axactians can watch movies of their choice
in Axact’s in-house movie theater featuring
a cinema-size screen and Dolby surround
sound. Every month employees and their
family members can treat themselves to
a bona fide cinema experience right
under the roof of Axact house.
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Unwind with a session in Axact's
Refreshing pool

The in-house swimming pool is the ideal place to take some
time to reflect and escape the stress and strains of the worklife.
For a more active relaxation, watch a movie on the screen next
to the pool or soak for a while in the attached jacuzzi
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Receive snacks at your desk with Axact's Efficient Kiosk

To curb Axactians cravings throughout the day, they can use the customized application from...
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Remain hassle free with Axact's
Convenient ATM Facility

To provide our employees with hassle-free, safe and secure ATM services,we have installed...

Save precious time with Axact's
Efficient Valet Facility

At Axact we offer 24 hours valet service which sets our employees free from the hassle of parking...
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Take time to refocus at Axact's
Prayer halls

As a caring and concerned organization, Axact provides its employees with prayers areas to fufill their spiritual needs. The prayer facility has its own ablution area attached so that Axactians can properly prepare for their prayers.
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Receive quality medical treatment at Axact's
Onsite Clinic

Axact facilities include an in-house clinic where employees can get prompt and effective medical attention from an experienced and highly qualified physician. Axactians can reserve an appointment and avail this facility to ensure that they are at the best of their health.
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Be encouraged and motivated with Axact's
Amazing Events

As an organization that believes in going the extra mile to provide its employees the best in everything Axact places an emphasis on creating and executing events that are platforms for recognition as well as celebration. The events that are meticulously planned serve as a way to build morale and motivation.
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Experience luxury with Axact's
World-class Beach Resort

The Axact resort is under construction and will be Pakistan's first corporate resort. The resort will allow Axactians to enjoy all the activities of any world class recreational facility at the beach such as buggies, lavish pools, water sports etc