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Axact Asset Management

Record all your assets in an appropriate manner.

Now you can contribute to your company’s success by setting up your Assets Management system.

Axact Asset Management serves as the foundation for a company’s assets record keeping system. It is an organizational tool that provides complete listing of every asset in an accounting system and records each type of asset. The system is a flexible, multi-level general ledger structure that can be customized for multiple companies or profit centers. It also allows organizations to modify or expand the assets structure as needed and will support the organization in generating professional financial statements at any level of the organization desired. It can also be linked with advanced accounting, inventory, and payroll systems. So build a financial system on solid foundation through the utilization of Axact’s Asset Management.

Potential Benefits

  • Axact Asset Management gives a quick yet complete overview of the company’s financial health by segregating and recording assets and liabilities separately. You can view your assets anytime and organize in any way you like.
  • Axact Asset Management is designed in a way that it not only meets the information needs of management, but it also helps the business to customize it for building financial systems.
  • The Axact Asset Management has the flexibility to best suit any business’s needs. It can be customized according to the organizational requirements and might be further organized by business function and/or by company divisions.
  • The Axact Asset Management is an automated and efficient system that. It helps generate assets report through just a click.