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Axact ERP

Get prepared for escalated performance results

Regain control of the complete organization by turbo boosting efficiency and profitability. Axact's Advance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products provide a reliable, highly functional and a multi dimensional environment to organizations, enabling their management to effectively manage their operations.

Obtain a fully specialized and customized made Enterprise Resource Planning module that offers a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of applications capable of automating any function related to your daily business process. Designed for the most complex business requirements and integrated with multivendor and multi operational layered applications, Axact's ERP can be easily configured and adapted to meet your most unique operational requirements.

Potential Benefits

  1. World Class Enterprise Resource Planning offers a complete suite of modules, that your organization can use to manage daily business operations.
  2. Transform your business by standardizing multiple business operations such as finance, sales management, recruitment, performance management, administration
  3. Manage your business on global level by integrating innovative strategy, business advisory solutions, and powerful inter-departmental solutions.
  4. Remove clutter from information management by realigning the complex processes to provide a well organized and structured approach to business operation
  5. Increase the productivity of your employees at an individual level by measuring their performance and rewarding them accordingly.

What are the Axact ERP Products?

  • Axact ERP

    Manage your day to day business procedures with the state of the art process.

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  • Axact CRM

    Improvise relationships with clients through better CRM process.

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  • Axact Contact Management

    Ensure better communications with your clients by better ways of contacting clients.

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  • Axact HRM

    Optimize efficiency of your HR exponentially through online resource management.

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  • Axact Recruitment

    Axact Recruitment is the easiest way to receive and manage job applications.

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  • Axact Training

    Designed to provide automated tracking and managing of employee training and activity scheduling.

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  • Axact Employee Portal

    Axact Employee Portal is an effective solution to reduce administrative costs and manage employee data.

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  • Axact Finance

    Improve the way you handle your financial affairs with a robust system.

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  • Axact Payroll

    Optimize efficiency of your payroll related needs through Axact Payroll.

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  • Axact Procurement

    Contend your organizational needs through better procurement management.

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  • Axact Asset Management

    Record & monitor all your assets in an appropriate manner.

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  • Axact Online Payments

    Conduct all the payments safely & securely through transparent online payment module.

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  • Axact Administration

    Handle all the administrative tasks online and enhance the efficiency of your organization.

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  • Axact Environment Management

    Improve your environmental performance through automated environment management system.

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Become an ERP Consultant

Our products are modulated for supply chain, performance management, administration and customer relationship function. Skill fully fine tuned to adapt to the host business system requirement. As an ERP consultant you get the privilege and access to the most advance level information and working with a team that has a class of their own.

We value our implementation consultants and encourage you to be a part of our growing team.

For ERP student, individual related to or interested in ERP

Our products are critical in providing performance. Therefore we understand the gravity behind additional skills that enhance individual performance resulting into professional development. Gain comprehensive professional exposure by partnering with our implementation expert team to deploy our ERP at your convenience.

Experience the rewarding skills that comes with having additional learning skills of the world’s advanced ERP products.

For all industries

Our products are fully documented; pre tested in the most advance performance conditions and fine tuned to the layout of the host organization. Browse to witness the tailored functions for all industries.

Obtain the edge of having customized ERP products to suit your end to end business process requirements.