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Axact Finance

Ensure Financial Success through Integrated Axact Finance Solutions

Further your company’s success through managing the expenditures and compliance with the budgeting, payables and other receivables associated with your firm’s financial success. With Axact Finance solutions, you can streamline operations better than the competition, minimize risks, respond to change and seize opportunities, and support your statutory reporting standards.

 With fewer administrative demands, your financial staff can focus on the strategic initiatives, which improves the quality of the business contribution. Because employees and managers would have greater autonomy, improved support for collaboration and direct access to information, they shall be more satisfied and more productive, consequently reaping more financial returns.

Our precision crafted financial solutions are specially made to deliver performance to help you guide through the employee performance management services. No matter whatever the size of your business and industry is, our products provide a 360 view of the financial performance of your organization.

Potential Benefits

  • Manage the payrolls, bonuses and expenses in a much more streamlined and efficient manner.
  • Benefit from the ease and speed of financial reporting so that you concentrate on running the business more effectively in less than half the time.
  • With a broader, integrated financial solution, the strengths of the modules are multiplied by the tighter integration of the data exchanges
  • Secure your invoice entries, payment follow ups, registration of payments and analyzed sales information through automated procedures
  • Tighter integration with accounts payable, general ledger, error reduction and improving accuracy and efficiency