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Axact Hospitality and Leisure

Axact Hospitality and Leisure IT solutions for hospitality businesses.

In addition to hotels, we offer software for restaurants; golf & spa; leisure Clubs, catering companies, amusement / entertainment facilities, banquets / events, etc.

Axact Hospitality and Leisure solutions are custom-built to match the demands of your environment – whether you run restaurants, operate cinemas or manage a stadium or arena. It provides smart people with smart technology to help you manage your operations, connect with customers and enhance your business with mobility options. Our operational solutions for hospitality are built on open, API platforms, providing you with the flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing conditions.

Potential Benefits

  • Our cinema solutions help you meet labor, cost and profit goals – from ticketing and concessions to film management and more.
  • Stadiums and venues leverage Axact Hospitality and Leisure solutions to run compelling, must-see events.
  • Restaurants add value to their business by streamlining operations and driving sales.
  • Restaurant patrons can easily review an order, add to it, tip and pay, and take a survey – all directly from their smartphone.