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Axact Online Payments

Designed to automate the task of applying payments to invoices or order deposits, the Axact Online Payments solution allows suppliers and their customers to make payments using credit cards and debit cards in real-time without any additional manual labor.

It is a complete payment solution by catering and integrating all payment methods via third party merchants that would allow you to complete your transactions in a seamless manner.

Axact Online Payment processing represents the next step in automating the business relationship between the supplier and their customer. The customer can now make payments and deposits online without any time investment by the supplier. This feature replaces the previous method whereby the customer would select invoices for payment, enter their credit card info, and the supplier would then process the request manually.

Potential Benefits

  • Tangible return on investment allowing you to make the most of your online presence
  • Real time processing by the customer and supplier that ultimately results in improving the cash flow of the company
  • Gain trust of the customers through faster payment process and in turn boost overall customer satisfaction
  • Significantly reduce account receivables and average days to pay and in turn develop relationships with the clients on an ongoing basis
  • Replace the manual work and save time of multiple employees