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Attend What’s Important.
Advanced procurement portal
shows starred status that
needs your attention.
Advanced Home Control.
Powerful home page gives you complete
control and comprehensive overview.
Procure Like a Boss.
Advanced one touch powerful
app for the approving authority.
Status Overview.
View the pending
meeting details with
new vendors, and
payment details all
on one source.
Be on Time Every Time.
View hour by hour schedule,
view scheduled meetings,
slots etc. for the whole day
or entire week.
Axact Procurement

Axact’s Procurement software automates all the activities related to your organization's purchase process from raising and approving purchasing orders to selecting and ordering the product or services.

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Setup that Sets Things Up
Easy Single Touch Recurring Setup

Through Axact’s efficient Procurement module you can perform a variety of functions including receiving the invoice and paying the bills online. Having procurement software has become a necessity of every organization today.

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Make the
Best Choice
Because You Do Have Many

Review quotations and choose the one that best suits you. Axact’s Procurement helps you keep a check on your spending, reduce purchasing and lower the prices that you are paying when you are purchasing. You can choose from multiple vendors and choose the best quotation.

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Connect to
the Network
Keep the List Updated

You can easily add vendors, as many as you want. Axact's procurement helps your organization to you cut down the time and effort needed to supervise organizational spending.

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APP – It’s For You. In More Ways Than Ever!
Review, compare and decide right from your cell phone

Axact has the advanced App for Procurement that has proven to be most convenient for the approval authority, allowing you to conveniently approve or reject the quotation right from your cell phone.