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After an enormous international response and applause, Axact now proudly introduces its highly acclaimed data protection software, aptly named Axact Protect, in the Pakistani market. With advance data security features for all confidential files, folders and drives, Axact Protect offers the world’s strongest protection against data theft, identity theft and hackers.

Axact, spearheaded by its mission of socio-economic development believes that it is necessary for the local masses to have access to world class quality products.

By way of that mission, Axact decided to release Axact Protect in Pakistan. It is a deserving gift to the hard working People of Pakistan. Axact Protect is available as a 100% FREE download.

Simply connect with your Facebook Account, and download your FREE copy of Axact Protect, the world’s best data protection software suite.


What Is Axact Protect?

The ALL-IN-ONE data protection suite with an advanced, secure, complete, affordable, user-friendly, and convenient data protection solution for your confidential files, folders, and drives.

  • Encrypts all confidential data
  • Supports all files, folders and drives
  • Lock and conceal files, folders, and drives
  • Secure lockers for your portable devices such as USB, DVD, CD and others
  • Protect data against accidental or willful deletion
  • Secure all sensitive & personal data with digital wallets.
  • Makes data read-only
  • Shred data – powerful data remnant removal feature

Data Locker

Data Locker locks and hides your sensitive information.

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Data Encryption

Encrypt and protect all your sensitive files, folders, drives and programs with 256-bit Military-grade encryption.

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USB Data Secure

Powerful data protection when you’re on the go! Protect your data USB, CD or DVD. Complete data protection on any portable device.

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Secure Digital Wallet

Secure Digital Wallet is the easy way to protect your personally identifiable information, including your passwords, bank accounts, as well as your EOBI, Passport and N.I.C data.

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Data Delete Protect

Prevent your sensitive files from accidental or intentional deletion, as well as deletion caused by viruses, system crashes or human error.

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Data Write Protect

Easily protect your important files and folders by making it read only. Share your data with others without worrying about file modification or unauthorized changes.

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Data Shredder

Data Shredder is the most sought after anti-data theft tool. It permanently removes all traces of your data on your computer system beyond recoverability.