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Axact Transportation & Logistics

Axact’s Transportation software or Logistics software is best to handle medium-sized to large-scale fleet.
This amazing transportation software helps you streamline your transportation and logistics management
and enables you to supervise the entire fleet without any hassle.

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Home Is Where All The Control Is
Easily manage your day's tasks from your Personalized Home Area

Axact’s transportation software has your personalized area that provides you complete
access to the details you need to run your fleet management system efficiently.
The area shows alerts, feeds, and gives you complete access to manage your entire fleet
management system with a single touch.

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Size Doesn’t Matter
View, Search or Monitor Regardless the Size of Your Fleet

Axact’s amazing fleet management software allows you to view the entire list of vehicles along with the necessary details like the asset code and marked driver. Axact’s fleet management software also saves you from the hassle of manually searching for a vehicle or its details.

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Easy Maintenance
Stay Prompt – Stay Up-to-Date

Axact’s transportation management software allows you to thoroughly sustain your fleet. You can view the complete lifecycle of your vehicle, allowing you to separately assess vehicles in use, after repairs and before first repair. You can notify the vehicle due for checkup even from your mobile.

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Route Management
Automated Route Manager - Leads You All the Way

Axact’s advanced transportation management software enables you to pick the most convenient,
quick, easy, and safe route for your goods or human resource. It also allows you to monitor your vehicle.
You can resolve complaints, and track unresolved ones that need to be attended.

Completely Automated Advanced Fleet Management System

Axact offers solution to large and medium sized fleet management.