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Public Relations

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Public Relations

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About the Department

Axact, as a brand, constantly needs to present itself as the company it is. The Public Relations Department, creates and manages a favorable public perception of its Business units and Enterprise. It has primarily two functions; publicity management and an effective public relations management and planning. Axact is known for its hospitality and creates a lasting impression on all.

People with strong interpersonal skills, strong written and verbal skills are encouraged to apply for the most amazing jobs in public relation. If you are pursuing a career in public relation then do it with Axact where your talent is valued beyond your imagination.

The following positions are available for you to apply now

  • Public Relations Leadership

  • Public Communication Officer

  • Public Relation Officers

What Will I Do?

You will help create and manage a favorable public perception of Axact. Primarily, you will deal will publicity management, and with public relations management and planning. You will plan, evaluate and implement Public Relations activities, Stake Holder management, Gesture Management, Informative connection management, Corporate Events management. Furthermore, this role is also responsible for personal outreach and initiative to create a liaison with different sectors of the society and also develop interactive and viral campaigns to leverage social networking and media. You will also be responsible for any other task assigned by the management.

  • Preferred Skill Set

    • Public Relations
    • Client Executive
    • Liaison Management
    • Media Relations
    • Event Management
    • Relationship Management
    • Customer Services
    • Account Managers
  • Suitable Profile

    • BBA/MBA (Marketing/Advertising)
    • 3 - 5 years Experience – Mandatory

You will be responsible for Guest Tour Management (VIPs and Axactian Families), PR petty cash management, gesture management, event coordination and other jobs as assigned by your team leader.

  • Preferred Skill Set

    • Media Affairs
    • Information Management
    • Media Relations
    • Public Relations
    • Publicity Management
    • Event Management
    • Public Information
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Gesture Management
    • Informative Connection Management
    • Facilities Management
    • Public Affairs - Preferred
  • Suitable Profile

    • 1-2 years experience. English and Urdu language expert with excellent verbal communication skills and presentable personality - Preferred
    • Graduation - Preferred

You will be responsible for Call Management by receiving in-bound and out-bound calls and provide information to caller/Axactian according to given boundaries. You will also manage guests by assisting and directing them properly. You will also manage mail, guests’ tours, gestures and facilities, and healthcare facilitation.

  • Preferred Skill Set

    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Tele-Sales skills
    • Customer Services - Preferred
  • Suitable Profile

    • 1 year experience
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Remuneration Package

Axactians are offered more than just
monetary benefits. They are provided with
financial security , health-care coverage as
well as ultra- modern facilities and opportunities for rapid growth.

  • High salary at twice Above the market Average
  • Bonuses of up to 4 gross salaries
  • Handsome accumulation of Provident Fund and EOBI
  • Timely and exceedingly high remuneration packages

    Enjoy Extravagant Benefits

    * Benefits may vary depending on your package.

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    Career Training & Growth Program

    Develop yourself to be an engaging and charming host at Axact, and be at the forefront of Public Relations by learning from the best in the industry. At Axact public relation professionals are given many chances to develop and grow. See how jobs in public relation at Axact change people’s lives.

    Shaji HaiderAssistant Vice President
    Public Relations Department
    Career Path Public Relations Department

    Title at Joining: Associate Executive
    Current Title:   Assistant Vice President

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