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Axact, World’s Leading IT Company has a global presence across 6 continents, 120 countries and 1,300 cities with more than 25,000 Employees and Associates. Axact’s 10 diverse Business Units offer more than 23 world class products to its customers around the world making up for the 65% of the total IT exports of the country. Axact is known for providing extraordinary lifestyle to its employees with its ‘twice the market average’ salary packages and unparalleled benefits to its employees.

Axact had been going from strength to strength when its founder and Chairman Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh announced plans to launch his dream enterprise -- the Bol Media Group – in 2013 to revolutionize the country’s media industry. But Mr. Shaikh’s vision, his pro-employee policies and the goal to give a pro-Pakistan, objective, fair and balanced narrative made some so-called tycoons of the media industry baffled and insecure as they thrived on sensationalism, negativity and by creating a sense of permanent chaos in Pakistan on their screens. These media owners along with a section of the government, hatched a sordid conspiracy that aimed to target Axact to stifle the Bol Group.

What served as the basis of major crackdown happened to be a false report, published in NY Times by an anti-Pakistani reporter, Declan Walsh. The whole conspiracy was so planned that within 6 hours of the publication, office in Islamabad was taken into custody and within 30 hours, Karachi offices were seized and plundered. The founder & CEO Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh and Co-founder & COO Viqas Atiq were taken into custody along twelve Axactians, without any proof. The story doesn’t end here, not only Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Shaikh was the casualty in this event but even his mother, sisters and extended family had to face the misery – their bank accounts and properties were seized. Same was the case with many of the Axactians. Moreover, the bails of Mr. Shoaib Shaikh & the rest of the victims were denied for 15 long months, yet the prosecutors failed to provide any substantial evidence to corroborate their conspiracy. This Saniha Axact is undoubtedly penned a gruesome history of corporate injustice, brutality, greed and corruption. This conspiracy that was put in effect to appease some malicious individuals rendered more than 5,000 employees jobless and impacted lives of many more who were affiliated with the company. One-sided, illegal and unjust actions by various government agencies stalled the launch of Bol News, rendering more than 2,200 workers jobless.

  • History of Axact

  • Announcement of BOL

  • Conspiracy against Axact & BOL

  • A Brief Chronology

  • Other Vindictive Actions

  • A Bogus Case Of Fake Degrees

  • Repossession of Axact House

  • Conclusion


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Announcement of BOL:

In June 2013, Axact’s founder announced plans to set up BOL Media Group with an aim to revolutionize the media industry and to create a positive image of Pakistan. Mr. Shaikh not only established the new media company, but in a short span of 17 months built the biggest television infrastructure in Pakistan. The Group planned to launch news, entertainment and sports channels, English and Urdu-language newspapers, FM radio service and magazines. It also planned to produce movies.

As an unprecedented step in the media industry, Mr. Shaikh announced similar lifestyle, perks, packages and facilities to the BOL workers as given in Axact. These included insurance cover for employees and their families, medical, five-star dinning, recreation facilities and a healthy and safe work environment.

  • The 10-storey, purpose-built headquarters of the BOL Media Group in Karachi, equipped with the most modern and state-of- the-art technology, got completed in early 2015.
  • BOL has an indigenously-built news management system – the first in Pakistan.
  • BOL attracted the best-available human resource, creating more than 2,200 jobs in the media industry.

BOL is setting a precedent that will bring about a revolution in the lives of every individual in the Media Industry, with its visionary leadership BOL is bringing the best practices in the media industry to the forefront via state-of-the-art infrastructure, automated systems & processes, and above all by offering an unmatched lifestyle and salary packages that are far above the industry average to its employees. All this will bring about visible changes in the lives of every individual, presenting a developed Pakistan to the whole world

All these plans and targets remains alive as the BOL Media Group prepares for a relaunch with a promise and target of ‘better than before’. But BOL’s biggest asset remains its vision to build Pakistan’s positive image and defeat the ghosts of negativity and sensationalism that overwhelm the local media industry

History of Axact:

Axact had become a world – renowned brand in line with the vision of its owner Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh. The company -- established in 1997 -- had mega plans to expand operations in major Pakistani cities, aiming to create at least 100,000 new jobs and boost the country’s IT exports to $50 billion. The company was seen as a pride of the nation and a symbol of a 21st century modern and technical-savvy Pakistan.

Important Facts & Figures about Axact

  • Axact accounted for 65 percent of the country’s total IT exports till fiscal year 2014-15
  • It employed more than 5,000 people – mostly young educated professionals – who enjoyed the best work environment, lifestyle, salaries and perks compared to any other world class corporate institution.
  • Axact remained the company of choice for all the bright & educated Pakistanis, who wanted to excel in the corporate world.
  • The company, with an estimated worth of $20 billion, had a global presence spread across six continents and 160 countries.
  • Axact paid more than Rs.1.2 billion annually in direct and indirect taxes.

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Conspiracy against Axact & BOL:


Watch the historic Speech by Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh at Axact Team Meet 2014-15, which is also known as “The Speech of Freedom”, which turned out to be a red flag for his rivals.

Axact's Response
to Defamatory Article
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The very proclamation of a positive change in the media industry by BOL served as a threat to the devious rivals in the Pakistani media industry who enjoyed the game of media manipulation and distortion for their personal gains while providing their employees with minimal wages and deplorable working conditions. They feared that existence of BOL will result in abolishment of their prevalent culture of yellow journalism and deprivation of employees, hence they joined forces to bring down Axact and BOL group for their gain at the expense of putting livelihood of thousands of Axactians and BOLwalas in jeopardy.

Mr. Shoaib Shaikh made a historic speech in Axact Team Meet 2014-15, where he called out the “seth” after their failed attempts of slander towards BOL and its leadership including the publication of false stories and claims regarding BOL’s ownership, agenda and its leadership as well as attempt at infiltration within the organization for the purpose of data theft to hamper BOL’s progress.

The speech proved to be a red flag for the scheming minds of the media rivals which resulted in the planning and execution of the biggest corporate conspiracy of our times against Axact and BOL media group.

A fabricated, malicious and false report published by a known anti-Pakistan reporter, Declan Walsh, which served as the only basis of a brutal crackdown on Axact shutting down the operations forcibly and rendering thousands jobless.

Similarly, authorities have also initiated a series of hostile actions to prevent the Bol Media Group from launching Pakistan’s biggest and most modern news channel. The stifling of Bol deprived more than 2,000 media workers of their jobs.

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A Brief Chronology:

  • The law agencies closed Axact’s Islamabad offices within 12 hours of the publication of the NYT report, which fails to give even one credible named source or evidence.
  • Within 48 hours, Axact’s head offices in Karachi were seized and occupied by the legal agencies.
  • *

    “Mera Qasoor Pakistan” – a joint effort of Axactians and BOLwalas in form of a short documentary that put forward the truth among the propaganda created by vicious media trial against Axact,BOL & Shoaib Shaikh

  • The legal officials took away all the papers and records of Axact. They also seized all the servers and stopped the operations of all business units of Axact, including the call center, web designing, application development and research. Legally, the law enforcement agency could not even close the back-end education services without proving its operation illegal. But biased officials can go to any length to please their masters and beneficiaries.
  • By May 26, 2015, Axact’s bank accounts were frozen and top management, including Mr. Shaikh and 13 others were arrested without any formal charges.
  • The accused were denied bail for 15 long months under one flimsy pretext or the other that included repeated requests of adjournments by prosecutors in a bail-able case.
  • All these highly qualified, educated professionals -- some gold-medalists and position holders from top Pakistani universities – were kept in “C” category of the prison.
  • The legal agencies resorted to harassment and victimization of Axact employees.
  • More than 270 million rupees of equipment were looted by the legal officials from Axact headquarters in Karachi alone.
  • The authorities not only froze bank accounts of Axact’s management, but also that of Mr. Shaikh’s mother, sisters, wife, and other family members. They were also barred from selling properties – some of them even bought before Mr. Shaikh was born. The aim was to choke their funds.
  • The law representatives and their lawyers dragged the case by seeking adjournments, including by failing to submit relevant papers, seeking time for investigations, absence of lawyers and replacing the prosecutors.
  • Meanwhile, at least 10 judges heard the same case and none were able to complete the hearing because of the delaying tactics of law enforcement agencies.
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Other Vindictive Actions:

The government launched a series of other vindictive actions;


“Umeed-e-Pakistan” – another documentary created by Axactians and BOLwalas to bring forward the reality behind the illegitimate actions against Axact & BOL

  • 1 Within three to four days of the publication of the false NYT report, the Information Technology Ministry suspended Axact’s call center license. Why? On what ground? Perhaps these are irrelevant questions when the government is biased and bent upon victimizing a business venture.
  • 2 Within three to four days, Axact’s software registration was also suspended – again without any charge-sheet, let alone establishing the authenticity of the allegations.
  • 3 Within six to seven days, the FBR issued Axact demand notices without taking into account that it conducted four audits of the company in recent years, which were duly cleared by its officials.
  • 4 The PEMRA suspended licenses of Bol News and Bol Entertainment illegally and in violation of the High Court orders.
  • 5 Within the next few days, the Customs Department launched a victimizing campaign of the Bol Media Group, demanding receipts of its equipment despite the fact that the law enforcement agencies had seized and removed all the records.
  • 6 The law enforcement agencies malafied intentions can be gauged from the fact that in one FIR, Axact owners have been accused of bringing in foreign exchange (all through the legal banking channels) by selling the alleged fake degrees, while another FIR accused them of transferring Rs170 million abroad through a money changer. This was perhaps the most bizarre allegation and exposes the contradiction of the legal agencies’ cooked up and false cases. This case has been quashed by the court.
  • 7 The law enforcement agencies filed separate cases in Karachi and Islamabad on the same charges. This remains unheard of and exposes how Axact is being victimized.
  • 8 Even the names of women of the family of Mr. Shaikh have been put in FIRs despite the fact that they have nothing to do with Axact operations.
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A Bogus Case Of Fake Degrees:


Watch this video to learn about the actual business model and practices of Axact.

The government launched a series of other vindictive actions;

  • To-date no university, or educational institution claimed that Axact printed its fake degrees.
  • To-date no person came forward to claim that Axact sold a fake degree to him/her.
  • To-date no evidence has been presented in the court.
  • To-date no Pakistani law says that providing back-end educational services or virtual education is a crime.
information regarding
the false case against Axact
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Repossession of Axact House:

On June 4, 2016 -- after15 months of victimization -- the Axact House and the near by building were handed back to the management following court orders – but not before the legal agencies destroyed their entire networks, computers and systems and looted the bulk of the equipment. However, Axact buildings were restored in a record time and the company relaunched operations on September 19, 2016 – thanks to the commitment and determination of its employees and the management.

The illegal closure of Axact was a blow for Pakistan’s IT sector. Axact’s IT business was 65 percent of Pakistan’s total IT exports. All these earnings were brought here through banking channels. The IT business handled by Axact has moved to India due to the forced closure of the Company. Thousands of individuals became victim to this horrific event. From the top management to the support staff, everyone faced the most difficult times of their lives. The Axactians and their families had to face unethical treatment and behavior of legal authorities and more than a thousand of Axactians were forced to leave the country to find a job.

Who planned this conspiracy? How was it executed? Who were the faces responsible for bringing misery in the lives of nearly 8,000 Axact and Bol employees? Which country gained by the closure of Axact? And who benefited by keeping a status-co in Pakistan’s media industry?

All these questions and many more will be answered in the due course of time. But the illegal and unjust crackdown on Axact will go down in Pakistan’s corporate history as the biggest tragedy with far reaching direct and indirect effects on the lives of its employees as well as the country. Yes, Saniha Axact will serve as a metaphor of injustice, greed and misrule in the country’s corporate history for all time to come…

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In September 2016, Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh addressed the Axactians for the first time after his acquittal. Listen to this historic speech here.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, Haq has finally prevailed over Baatil, after a challenging struggle. The 15 month long period of atrocities & injustice, which was the consequence of the tragic Saniha Axact, has evidently come to an end. The resilience & determination Axactians displayed during this turmoil has been exemplary and is worthy of great appreciation.

With the relentless efforts and prayers of all the Axactians, their families, stakeholders and all well-wishers, the darkness of malice has been dispelled by the dawn of truth and Axact is now stepping forward towards its destination, stronger than ever!

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