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What is Team Meet?

Team Meet is the pinnacle of all performance recognitions. It is a tradition that has rejoiced the achievements of Axactians for 15 years and a reason for the entire Axact family to come together to celebrate the success of the previous year and to get a glimpse
into the future plans of Axact.

The Team Meet event is a hallmark of meticulous planning, flawless execution and every effort is made to ensure that Axactians and their guests can enjoy their time spent at the grandest celebration.

However, the enduring essence of Team Meet is the ´Belief and Trust´ which Axactians place upon Axact´s conviction towards upholding meritocracy. Axact has garnered this trust through transparent, quantifiable and undisputed performance evaluation of Axactians,
all through the year. Yet, most of all, this trust has manifested Axactian´s confidence in performance recognition at Team Meet, which has sustained the event all through the ages.




Our Historical Timeline

Axact knows how to celebrate. For 15 years, Axact has grandly celebrated the achievements of Axactians. You can explore the chronicles, defining memories and moments, and the roots of the grandest corporate event in Pakistan.

Recognition for Support Staff

Axact is known for valuing quality human resource. At Axact, support staff is valued as much as the rest of the employees. They are the ones who provide services to Axactians around the clock so that they can achieve their targets. The amazing support staff at Axact is also recognized on grand level for their achievements.

Team Meet

Pakistan’s Grandest Event For Support Staff

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