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What makes Axact
the best place to work at?

What's it like to work at Axact?

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We offer the most
amazing lifestyle
at your finger tips

At Axact we provide not only a job or career but a very comfortable and exciting lifestyle. The benefits we offer are in a class of their own and of the highest quality in terms of service standards and equipment.
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Fasten your seat belts for a
Fast Paced Career Path

At Axact employees are given every chance to develop and grow. The environment which is learning and development - oriented, is supported by outstanding training, coaching and mentoring opportunities that serve to further enhance Axactians' knowledge and skills.

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When we say,
"We value quality human resource"
we really meant it

Benefits we offer are designed to keep you healthy, financially secure as well as rested and motivated.

We provide free pick and drop facility in our air-conditioned vans.

Medical coverage not just for you but your spouse, kids and parents.

Financial plan that safeguards your dependents against any incident.

A very flexible leave policy allowing 34 leaves for all possible occasions.

No one recognizes
like we do.

Performance Recognition on daily, weekly, monthly & Yearly basis. We believe Axactians who perform outstandingly deserve an outclass Performance Recognition, and that's exactly what we deliver.

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2 Times
More Happiness

Axact offers its employees a salary package that is at least 2 times more than the prevailing market average.

Axactians have an opportunity as well to earn bonuses or incentives to enhance their income even more.

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Be socially
responsible. Help us
change Pakistan

Axact is a mission driven organization and as part of our mission and values is the importance of giving back to society and to Pakistan.

Axact's socio-economic wing, SED Axact has created plan 2019, to transform the key sectors of education, food & shelter, healthcare and judicial assistance

Visit the SED Axact website to find out more

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Impactful Training & Development Program

At Axact employees are given many chances to develop and grow. The corporate learning environment is supported by outstanding training, coaching and mentoring opportunities that serve to further enhance the skills and knowledge of the Axactians.

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We are Expanding Rapidly with Galaxact

Axact is continuously progressing and growing, our future corporate office complex,

Galaxact, which will accommodate more than 20,000 employees in one shift is already being constructed.Galaxact is not only the foundation stone for Axact's future but the future of Pakistan.

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