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What is X1000?

Axactians invest an extraordinary amount of effort and work extremely hard to help the organization achieve collective success. To recognize their effort, our X1000 event is held every month so that all the deserving Axactians receive the recognition due to them. 'X1000' symbolizes Axact's ambitious growth of achieving the target of a 1000% growth every month. A wide range of awards at the individual and leadership level are awarded to recognize the momentous contributions of Axactians every month.

Video Gallery

In every X1000, Axact and BOL Group’s Chairman & CEO enlightens the audience with his vision for the organization and
provides a viable road map to achieve the set goals. In the recent X1000, Axact and BOL Group’s Chairman & CEO Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh addressed some crucial questions put forward by the people regarding BOL.

Support Staff recognition

At Axact, we believe in recognizing the immense contribution of our support staff to our success. We celebrate 'Support Staff X1000' every month to recognize the enormous contribution our staff makes to our growth and success. We keep our support staff connected with the bigger goals of the organization by continuously rewarding their hard work to remind them of their stake in Axact's success.