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Axact, the $20 Billion company, develops problem-solving strategies and uses the latest IT trends to drive growth for businesses all over the world. It has 15 different business units that offer IT solutions including CRM development, Web Design, Application Development, Online Education, Research & Standardization Unit and SAAS. Axact’s products increase the efficiency of any organization by up to 300%.

At Axact, we work to be the number 1 with more than 50% of the revenues and profits of every global market we enter and at the same time deploy our core ompetencies towards the socio-economic development.

This is our mission and everything we do reflects this only this and nothing else.

Axact Global Presence

Axact contributed USD 355 Million out of 432 Million of the total IT exports of Pakistan in 2014, alone. This amounts to 82% of the total IT exports of Pakistan in 2014 as per EE-1 form reported to State Bank of Pakistan.

Later, Axact moved all of its Business operations abroad leaving only minimum presence in Pakistan. Today, Axact has a global presence in across 6 continents, 120 countries and 1,300 cities with more than 45,000 Employees and Associates; with a global Sales of USD 7 Billion. Axact is stronger than ever as a global business entity and this year it will surpass USD 13 Billion in Global Sales.

Axact‘s diverse Business Units offer more than 23 world class products to some of the most prestigious clientele worldwide. It has more than 2 Billion users and a strong customer base of 40 million across the world.

  • 6Continents

  • 120Countries

  • 1300Cities

  • 45,000+

    Employees &
  • 40M Customers

  • 2Billion Users


Axact, World’s Leading IT Company was founded by an IT Revolutionist, Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh in 1997.

It was the time when Pakistan was still waking up to the potential of the IT industry. Mr Shaikh’s foresight and vision were rewarded in the company’s meticulous rise through the country’s corporate sector and Axact became Pakistan’s only company worth $20 billion and three times larger than any private sector company of Pakistan in just 15 years.

Axact’s Mission Comprises of Two Major Aspects; Winning and Caring.

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Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh is a Pakistani Business Magnate, an IT Revolutionist and a Media Mogul.

He is Founder & CEO of Axact, Pakistan's Only Company valued more than $20 Billion.

He also the Founded BOL, world #1 Media Group with 156+ channels in 16 languages worldwide, 50+ million subscribers, 10+ Billion views and world largest media infrastructure.

He majorly contributes 65% of his business earnings for the betterment of Pakistan by leading and funding his self-sustaining welfare trust Aik Allah Kaafi Hai Trust (AAKH).