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More than 100,000 Employees,
Associates and their Family
Members Vaccinated in just a Month

Join us to navigate how Axact fights against the
Global Pandemic by Introducing free Vaccine and
Testing Programs all over the world.

Designing Revolution
for Industries

Explore our industry portfolio and find the solutions you need to run your business better, faster, and with continuous innovation.

Axact Defense & Security

Increase mission effectiveness while mitigating operational risk with our defense and security industry software

Axact Media Management System

Axact's strong systems and processes has made the company a leader in the IT industry, using this strength it is bringing a revolution in the media industry

Axact Transporation and Logistics

It helps to streamline the transportation and logistics management that enables to supervise the entire fleet without any hassle

All Platforms | All Devices
All Galaxies

We efficiently develop, connect, run and manage
multiple platform that can fit your entire
organization on the palm of your hand.

Our Products are the mix of
Growth, Profits, Vision and Power

Build customer and partner experiences, reinvent
core operations and gauge new business models
with the power of Axact’s top-tier Products.


Global is our New Local

Axact has a global presence in across 6 continents,
120 countries and 1,300 cities with more than
45,000 Employees and Associates; with a global
Sales of USD 7 Billion.

In this reference, the company is focusing on expanding its sales activities in Germany, United States, Australia and some other European countries, whereas to expand the production activities in Philippines, South Africa and Malaysia.

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Chairman and CEO of the Bol Media Group and leading IT Company, Axact, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh has launched a trust

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More than 100,000 Employees, associates and

One of the key challenges the world is facing in the Covid-19 vaccination drive is vaccine... hesitancy on part

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