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Build your success as an intelligent enterprise and enhance client satisfaction, improve overall
operations, and scale globally across 121 countries through our featured products.

Axact ERP

Get prepared for escalated performance results

Regain control of the complete organization by turbo boosting efficiency and profitability. Axact's Advance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products provide a reliable, highly functional and a multi dimensional environment to organizations, enabling their management to effectively manage their operations.

Axact Recruitment

Address your regulatory demands in a systematic and cost-effective manner

Axact Recruitment enables companies to electronically handle their recruitment needs. Axact Recruitment is used by both large enterprises and smaller companies, but varies in functionality and features depending on the needs of the company. Axact Recruitment software is designed specifically for recruitment tracking purposes.

Axact Procurement

Automates all the activities related to the organizationtional purchase processes

Through Axact’s efficient Procurement module clients can perform a variety of functions from raising and approving purchasing orders to selecting and ordering the product or services. Including receiving the invoice and paying the bills online. Having procurement software has become a necessity of every organization today.

Axact HRM

Make your human resource management processes hassle free

Streamline your human resource processes and that too without any problems whatsoever. Axact HRM shall manage all the human resource related activities right from sifting out the right candidate till the exit of your employees. Not only this, handle your personnel-related processes, put into practice and follow benefit programs, administer payroll, and offer employee self-service capabilities.

Axact Online Payments

Designed to automate the task of applying payments to invoices or order deposits

The Axact Online Payments solution allows suppliers and their customers to make payments using credit cards and debit cards in real-time without any additional manual labor. It is a complete payment solution by catering and integrating all payment methods via third party merchants that would allow you to complete your transactions in a seamless manner.

Axact Finance

Ensure Financial Success through Integrated Axact Finance Solutions

Further your company’s success through managing the expenditures and compliance with the budgeting, payables and other receivables associated with your firm’s financial success. With Axact Finance solutions, you can streamline operations better than the competition, minimize risks, respond to change and seize opportunities, and support your statutory reporting standards.

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Axact Training

Axact has thorough and comprehensive training software that facilitates automated trainings for every
joinee enabling them to learn and understand the processes according to their relevant job duties.

Your Classroom is Where You Are!

Axact’s advanced online training software allows trainees, students and employees to attend their session even when they are away. The advanced web based training software allows anyone to access their classroom from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to leave your desk, home or wherever you are to attend the session. Just log on to your area and attend to enjoy the best convenience and accessibility through web based training software.


Never miss a class or session. Attend even when you are away or on the go.

Network that Pays

Expand your social network by keeping in touch with your classmates.

Chat Live

Join forum of your fellow users and exchange useful information.

Axact Payroll

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of the most complex and time consuming payroll processes.

Axact's Payroll Management System is designed in a way so as to fit the size and complexity of your business, simplify the administration of your payroll process and improve the productivity.

The Payroll Management System of Axact is a complete and automated accounts activity that gives you the ease of mind in calculating employee's salaries, allowances, tax deductions, tax returns, generating pay slips.

Axact Asset Management

Record all your assets in an appropriate manner.

Axact Asset Management serves as the foundation for a company’s assets record keeping system. It is an organizational tool that provides complete listing of every asset in an accounting system.

The system is a flexible, multi-level general ledger structure that can be customized for multiple companies or profit centers. It also allows organizations to modify or expand the assets structure as needed and will support the organization in generating professional financial statements at any level of the organization desired. It can also be linked with advanced accounting, inventory, and payroll systems. So build a financial system on solid foundation through the utilization of Axact’s Asset Management.

Other Products

Axact Administration

A technology platform through which organizations can integrate and coordinate

Automating the whole process of managing the entire scheme of work. Clients can fight against the problem of the organizational inefficiency brought on by the use of different systems in every department to store information. Allowing administrative functions to be automated through a predefined database management program.

Axact Environment Management

Address your regulatory demands in a systematic and cost-effective manner

Axact Environment Management system provides a platform to manage & regularize environmental & compliance related information and resources of your organization. With all the basic information fed into the system, Axact Environment Management helps a company achieve its environmental goals through consistent control of its operations.

Axact Contact Management

Empower your workforce to deliver the 'next level' services

Contacting your customers in an effective way is essential to help your customers to keep them intact and loyal to your services and offerings. The system allows you to record, maintain and track customers, as well as automates customer administration, delivery management and other related processes.

Discover how to transform at speed, engage with insight, and grow sustainably. Learn more about Axact Products