Driving New Revenue Sources

10 out of 15 Business Units are no. 1 in the world because of the unique world class products they offer.
These units cater to some of the most prestigious clients around the globe.

Apps Unit

Axact is the house of best apps that have helped businesses reach their top.

Application Development Unit

Axact has created customs apps for IT Industry worth an estimated $2.8 Billion.

Design Unit

Impactful graphic design services have helped clients enhance their brand equity.

Education Unit

Axact education unit provides world class learning experience on student’s finger tips.

Research Unit

Axact offers the best research facilities to B2b and B2C audience all across the globe.

Standardization Unit

Axact provides International Standardization services to global enterprises.

SaaS Unit

Axact SaaS Provides World class Software Solutions to Enterprises Worldwide.

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Systems that will change the face of Media industry


Increased new product revenue from accelerated innovation with our leading softwares


Industries worlwide using
Axact Softwares

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lower overtime costs through greater adherence to the produciton plan.

Fast Emerging Business Units

Axact caters to IT needs globally offering solutions to large, medium and small size businesses with specific business needs.
These units will soon be the number one as they deliver the best solution there is in the world.

B2B Marketplace Unit

Axact offers world’s leading import/export online b2b marketplace .

IT Devices Unit

Axact IT Device Unit caters to global IT community by providing them IT devices.

IT Services Unit

Axact IT services provide services as agile as your Information Technology business.

Travel Services

Axact offers the best services for travel and tourism across the globe.

Creative Writing

Original and target oriented content has helped our clients to excel in the market.

Digital Marketing

Axact is the leading digital marketing service provider across domains.

Chat Services

Axact has helped its clients worldwide to connect with their customers effectively.

Online Trading

Axact’s online trading services ensure safe & profitable exchanges across the globe.

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