More than 100,000 Employees, Associates and their Family Members Vaccinated in just a Month

One of the key challenges the world is facing in the Covid-19 vaccination drive is vaccine hesitancy on part of people. It is difficult to make a large number of people vaccinated at a given time. As a part of company-wide ‘Vaccinated Employees Policy’, Axact – World’s leading IT Company, organized Covid Vaccination...

Axact’s vision for the future
of World

Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh revealed Axact’s Plan 2036 for a prosperous and a thriving World, and the role Axact, BOL, our government, other IT firms and each and every personswill play in the realization of this dream. Watch Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh’s captivating speech to learn how Axact will make sectors of Food and Shelter, Healthcare, Judicial Assistance and Education accessible to all over the world by 2036

Pakistan's Grandest
Corporate Event

Team Meet 2013-14

‘Team Meet’- the pinnacle of all recognitions, is the Grandest Corporate Event in Pakistan. It is a tradition that has rejoiced the achievements of Axactians for 15 years. The Team Meet event is a hallmark of meticulous planning, flawless execution and an aspiration to celebrate Axactians efforts and accomplishments.

Free Insaaf
Launched in Sindh

Providing Justice Free of Cost

Free Insaaf, a project of SEDAxact is aimed to provide Judicial Assistance to every individual free of cost. This initiative has been taken to make justice accessible to the common man and speed up the legal procedures through automated system. Free Insaaf is launching its pilot project for Sindh region in Phase 1 and soon this initiative would be extended to entire Pakistan making justice accessible to all!

3.5 Million Sq ft. to accommodate 20,000 Axactians in one shift

Axact is expanding grand with Galaxact

Axact aims to increase Pakistan’s IT exports by $50 billion, by expanding its workforce to 100,000. To respond to this increasing number of workforce, Axact planned and initiated massive projects of infrastructure developments as well as expansions. Engineering an icon! Gal Axact.

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More than 100,000 Employees, associates and

One of the key challenges the world is facing in the Covid-19 vaccination drive is vaccine... hesitancy on part

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