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Date: January 16th, 2018

اردو میں پڑھئے

Update: This response is made as per the original article that appeared on the BBC Website on 16th January 2018. Since then, the original transcript of the article published on the BBC has been manipulated and changed after Axact's response on the same day.

Find the ACTUAL version of the BBC article for your reference.

Subject: Axact’s Official Response to a Defamatory Article published on the BBC Website

Axact condemns this story for its baseless accusations and for its substandard, nonfactual & fallacious reporting pertaining to maligning and defamatory false accusations made in the story published on the BBC website.

The recent article in the BBC that has maligned Axact of allegedly conducting illegal activities is merely a continuation in the saga of smear campaigns orchestrated by Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, owner of the Jang/Geo Group, who has utilized his contacts within the international media as before to push forward his malicious agenda without providing any substantial evidence to prove his absurd claims. In this regard, Axact has also served a legal notice for defamation and spreading false information to BBC and those involved (click to read here).

The bogusness and absurdity of the reporting standards of the aforementioned article can be gauged simply by the following facts:

This is not the first time Axact has been unjustly accused of something by its rivals. Like before, no substantial evidence has been provided to prove the veracity of these claims. Such claims are made for the rivals’ personal vendetta against the Axact group & its management. Not only this false propaganda creates misrepresentation about Axact but also poses a threat to the invaluable IT Exports of Pakistan, 65% of which is due to Axact. Axact yet again emphasizes that all business units of Axact are completely legitimate, legal and committed to enhancing the quality of IT services across the world.

Axact has a strict policy of not tolerating any individual or organization that disseminates falsehoods and malicious propaganda against the Company using any medium, including television, radio, print or digital, and Axact will be pursuing strict legal action against the publications and those involved, like it has in the past (read the legal notice against Independent Media Corporation (IMC – Jang/Geo Group) here)

Axact would also like to pose the following questions to its enemies who have been continually trying to sabotage the company:

It is yet again emphasized that Axact has always taken these accusations as an attempt to sabotage its reputation as well as an attack towards our dedication towards working for the betterment of our country. Even in the past, we have pursued such attempts with iron hands legally to the fullest extent possible (Read the Legal Notice to NYT here) as well as any individual or reporter involved in creating malicious propaganda against the company or its operations.